About Skylight Commercial Lending

SkyLight Commercial Lending was founded in 2012 with a singular purpose: to help business grow. Located in Avon, Indiana, SkyLight Commercial Lending provides traditional and non-traditional lending from a portfolio of over 70 lenders. SkyLight Commercial Lending offers all types of business lending services, cash flow
products, real estate lending, and equipment leasing.

Research has shown that businesses that have access to capital are more likely to succeed and sustain strong growth. The model most people think of is using a traditional bank for their capital needs. Even though the economy is improving, the banks are still very conservative in their lending practices. SkyLight Commercial Lending has developed a platform for lending that looks at new and different ways that lending should be done. In this changing economy, SkyLight Commercial Lending is creating the future for all types of commercial lending.

blue_bullettOur Leadership

Lynn Driver – CEO, Skylight Commercial Lending
SkyLight Commercial Lending’s founder and owner is Lynn Driver. Mr. Driver is currently President/CEO of SkyLight Commercial Lending. Prior to establishing SkyLight Commercial Lending, Mr. Driver was President and CEO of Indiana Organ Procurement Organization for over 35 years. Lynn has also worked with several companies from many industries offering board governance training, executive coaching, strategic planning, and business planning. Mr. Driver has also served on several boards in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

With a long-standing career of leading a premier health care organization and guiding many industries as they navigate an ever-changing economy and business world, Mr. Driver is building the future for the way businesses access the capital that they need. The foundation for this new way of lending is being guided by challenging Mission, Vision, and Values statements as listed below.

Brandon Driver – Vice President of Operations, Skylight Commercial Lending
Brandon currently serves as Vice President of Operations for Skylight Commercial Lending. Brandon started in banking as a loan originator for Fifth Third Bank. His current responsibilities includes managing his sales team, business development, underwriting, and working with his national network of lenders. Anyone that talks to Brandon knows that his passion is helping out small businesses. He believes that the biggest reason small businesses fail is due to their lack of access to capital. Brandon feels a personal responsibility to help business owners access the capital that they need in order to grow their businesses.

blue_bullettMission Statement:

We will deliver superior service and provide excellence in everything we do. The highest levels of integrity and professionalism will guide our actions.

blue_bullettVision Statement:

Deeply rooted in the community, we will distinguish ourselves as the superior provider of our services. We will be recognized as the leader in service excellence and outstanding innovation.

blue_bullettOur Values:

  • We are entrepreneurs.
  • We embrace change.
  • We are committed to honesty and integrity.
  • We embrace the highest ethical standards and conduct.
  • We celebrate success.
  • We encourage and support continued learning.