Equipment Leasing

What is it? 
Skylight Commercial Lending can provide the financing you need to lease almost any type of business equipment.  We can arrange the opportunity for you to sell your equipment and then lease it back, providing you with working capital through the equity you have in your equipment.

How do I get approved?
For leases up to $150,000, you only need to submit an application.  For larger leases, full financials must be reviewed.

Who is this for?
This program is for any business that needs to obtain or update business equipment, including newer businesses that might find it difficult to secure funding or businesses with damaged credit.  We can also supply lease financing to any state or federally controlled entity, such as federal or state government agencies, armed services, public schools, police departments, firehouses, and libraries.

What are the rates for this program?
Rates will vary based on the unique situation of your business.  Factors considered include:

  • The length of time the business has been in operation
  • The credit rating of the company
  • Or in the case of government or municipal leasing, the rating of the municipality or government agency

Why is leasing a good choice for my company?

  1. Your company can acquire the equipment you need without tying up capital.
  2. You can get immediate use of your equipment with minimal up-front cost.
  3. Your borrowing power is protected since leasing has no impact on your existing line of credit.
  4. Fixed lease payments help you minimize your uncertainty and avoid the risk of skyrocketing interest rates and payments.
  5. You can maintain a competitive edge by leasing the best technology today and upgrading when equipment becomes outdated.
  6. Leasing can simplify your accounting and depreciation schedules as well as reduce your tax liability.